Equipment and facilities


VIWASE possess full abilities in term of personnel, equipment and laboratories to carry out construction investigation, water quality survey and sampling, testing to serve for engineering Consulting services, environmental studies and scientific research activities.

VIWASE is currently managing a water and environment laboratory (LAS-XD35) which is one of Standard Laboratories in Vietnam Construction Sector. LAS-XD35 with modern and international Standard equipment donated by the Finnish government. This laboratory is frequently upgraded and operated by formally trained staff. LAS-XD35 has sufficient ability to analyze different difficult parameters which require high analytical techniques and extends the area of activities in water supply, sewerage, sanitation and environmental monitoring and treatment.

Thiết bị phân tích phổ tử ngoại - khả kiến UV-VIS

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Model: UV-1800 Shimazu-Japan

Thiết bị phân tích hấp thụ nguyên tử

Atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS)

Model         A70             Perkin        Elmer         -       USA

Máy chuẩn độ thế tự động

Máy chuẩn độ thế tự động

Automatic Potentiometric titrator

Model         COM-I6OO                    Hiranuma  -                   Japan